Welcome To Multiplay

What is Multiplay?

Multiplay, lets you play multiple music files at once. Multiplay is an iTunes replacement.


So, if you have multiple kinds of files you want to play at the same time, you can...

Want to play an audio-book with nature-sounds in the background, or music in the background? Want to live-stream some music while adding an audio-watermark? Now you can.

Want to experiment with subliminal messages or frequency-healing, but are bored of listening to the same music-overlay, well now you won't be.

The idea is to make the whole thing nice, and easy and fun. So it's not just a "multiple files player", its also good at it. At least, that's the goal.

We got more features we want to add over time, like album icons, suggested song lists, etc. Just to make the experience nicer.

The whole feel or goal of this app is experimental. This might change in the future. But it works for what it is right now. It won't really "work" if we try to make this some super-serious app. I mean, I'm serious about what I do and I want everything to work smoothly. But experimentation and play are at the heart of this.